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The State of Florida no longer awards custody and visitation of the children to parents; instead, there will be a Parenting Plan which establishes parental responsibility and a timesharing schedule. If parents are not able to agree on timesharing, the Court must evaluate both parents and determine what timesharing schedule is in the best interest of the children. In many cases, a Social Investigation will be performed.

The Social Investigator is a neutral and impartial third party, and her opinions and recommendations regarding the Parenting Plan and timesharing schedule will carry great weight with the Court. The Social Investigator outlines all of her findings and recommendations in a Report which is later presented to the Court. In most cases, the Court agrees with the Social Investigator and adopts the recommended Parenting Plan and timesharing schedule.

Family Law Attorney Holli Dean

During the Social Investigation, many things will be considered and reviewed by the Social Investigator, including the following:

  • Background checks, checks of police records and the like concerning both parents
  • Interviews with both parents
  • Interviews with the children
  • Character references submitted by both parents are interviewed
  • Teachers, doctors, counselors and other professionals are interviewed

After reviewing all documents and information and conducting interviews, the Social Investigator will then prepare a Report. The Report will set out all of the work done by the Social Investigator, the findings of the Social Investigator, and will include an analysis of the best interests of the children. The Social Investigator will then conclude the Report with a recommendation for the Parenting Plan and timesharing schedule.

Attorney Holli Dean of Norman Law provides high quality Social Investigations at an affordable cost. Ms. Dean’s background uniquely qualifies her to conduct Social Investigations in a timely and through manner.

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