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Family Law Resources

Family Law Resources

Woman Searching Family Law LinksAs a divorce attorney, Wendy Norman has assembled a list of helpful links pertaining to: divorce, parenting, custody, and paternity as well as other legal and general information resources. Whether you choose to retain our assistance or not, this collection of links should guide you through some common family law situations and provide helpful support.

The websites listed below are good resources but we do not guarantee their timeliness or accuracy.

Divorce and Divorced Parents

• American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
• Family Nurturing Center of Florida
• Florida Senate – 2006 Statutes: Dissolution of Marriage; Support; Custody
• Helpguide – Helping Your Child Cope
• Helpguide – Co-parenting After a Separation or Divorce
• KidsHealth – Helping your child through a divorce
• KidsHealth – Tips for Divorcing Parents
• Parents Without Partners
• Proud to Parent

Child Custody / Child Support / Visitation

• Shared Parent Responsibility
• Florida Guardian ad Litem Program
• Grandparents Rights Organizations
• – Department of Review, Child Support
• U.S. Department of Heath & Human Services – Administration for Children & Families
• U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

Children of Divorce

• Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center
• Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
• Kids Health – A Kid’s Guide to Divorce
• Kid’s Health – Dealing with Divorce

Florida Paternity

• My – Establish Paternity
• My – Local Child Support Office


• Florida Court System
• Duval County Courthouse
• Clay County Courthouse
• Nassau County Courthouse


• Jacksonville City Council
• Florida Marriage and Divorce Certificates

North Florida Resources

• Florida Domestic Violence Laws
• Family Violence Prevention Fund
• Florida Bar – The Family Law Section
• U.S. Department of State – Family Issues
• Hubbard House
• The Quigley House
• Family Nurturing Center of Florida
• Women’s Center of Jacksonville


• Positive Parenting Through Divorce
• Hope Haven


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