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A divorce is often a difficult process because it can affect so many areas of your life. Not only are there many emotions involved, but you must also face the various legal matters and the process of dividing up marital property, resolving financial issues, and making decisions about your children.
These elements often make a Florida divorce difficult and stressful, and many couples look for ways to minimize the hostility, expense, and damage that can result from litigation here in Jacksonville.

An uncontested divorce is a smart option when the parties can agree on the division of assets and liabilities, support issues, and time-sharing with the children. If parties can agree on all issues issue that would otherwise be decided by the court, the process can be completed much faster, easier, and with much less expense. Once the parties have reached an agreement on each of the issues, a divorce attorney can draw up the legal documents. Often, the process can be completed within 30-60 days, while most contested divorces take a minimum of 6-9 months.

If you are considering divorce and believe you and your spouse can agree to an uncontested divorce, the right attorney can make this process as quick and painless as possible. Contact Jacksonville divorce lawyer Wendy Norman today to learn more.

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