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8833 Perimeter Park Blvd., Suite 1004, Jacksonville, FL 32216

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Jacksonville lawyer Wendy Norman has helped many Florida families and individuals through extremely trying times. Family law issues and can be emotionally and financially devastating. They can be less so with a compassionate and sophisticated advocate on your side.

Norman Law focuses on issues that are important to real people. Wendy Norman brings a personal approach to her law practice and will answer even your most complicated questions. Wendy Norman is very experienced in some of the most complex areas of the law and has guided countless clients through challenging family law and criminal cases.

Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Wendy Norman’s experience with family law and criminal defense is complemented by her experience with civil litigation. Understanding complex legal language; preparing intricate and lengthy court documents; preparing counter-arguments and defenses; appearing before judges, hearing officers and magistrates as a zealous advocate for her clients: these are all skills a family law attorney and a criminal defense attorney must have.

If you need legal assistance through a divorce, child support enforcement or modification, or other family law issues; if you need a compassionate and assertive negotiator to help you with a dispute; most of all, if you need an attorney who has the ability to explain complex Florida law in an understandable way, contact Wendy Norman.

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