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Equitable Distribution in Florida Lemons

When Distribution May Not Be Equal in Florida

Equitable Distribution: When Distribution May Not Be Equal   Within the state of Florida, there is a term called Equitable Distribution that is used […]

Child Support Tax Information in Florida

Which Parent Pays Taxes on Child Support?

Child Support Taxes and Child Tax Credit When children are involved in a divorce or when the parents were never married in the first […]

Understanding Taxation after Alimony

Understanding Alimony and Tax Implications

Is Alimony Taxable or Tax Deductible? When a divorce is finalized, in the state of Florida, one spouse may begin receiving alimony as a […]

Taxes After Divorce blog post

Tips for Filing Taxes After Divorce

What You Need to Know About Taxes After Divorce At this time of year, many people are getting ready to file their taxes and […]

Timesharing and Child Custody Holiday Tips

Holiday Timesharing Tips For Divorced Parents

Holiday Timesharing Tips – Scheduling Help For Divorced Parents   When parents are sharing custody of their child, it can make the holidays feel […]

What is a Social Investigation

Social Investigation Info Regarding Time-Sharing & Child Custody

What is a Social Investigation? When a divorce happens, feelings and emotions are high. However, when children are involved, it is important that the […]