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December Link Roundup – Divorcing Like A Grown-Up (And Co-Parent Like One, Too)

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Divorcing Like a Grown-up

A recent Huffpost article discusses How To Divorce Like A Grown-Up (And Co-Parent Like One, Too). There is some good advice about amicable separation and tips along the divorce process that might make it a smoother transition for some couples. My favorite portion reiterates to parents to communicate to their children that the split isn’t their fault and to be sure neither parent uses them as leverage.

Surviving Divorce

In this TEDx Talk, clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology David Sbarra discusses “Surviving Divorce.” He focuses on three areas and provides unique insight on coping with separation:

• Self-Kindness
• Mindfulness
• Common Humility

Tracking Your Child

The third link I wanted to share discusses Privacy Rights. Namely, GPS tracking to monitor children. As we’ve seen in all aspects of law, technology typically proceeds legal discussion and development. The article touches on the fact that a parent doesn’t need the consent of the child to monitor them via cell phone/GPS tracking software. Apps like Find My Friends allow you to keep track of your child, but he/she knows the app is on his/her phone.

I think we’ll see “informed consent” discussed in greater lengths as this topic proceeds through the court system (and likely will vary by state). It will be interesting to see how this plays into discussions of Parental Rights and Grandparent Rights moving forward. Read the full article here:
Privacy Rights of Children: GPS Tracking For Parents to Monitor Their Children

Happy Holidays From Norman Law

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank the rest of my Family Law Team for their hard work and dedication to our practice and our clients. Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to provide our clients the best resources possible. Happy Holidays to our Jacksonville family and friends.

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Divorce is a difficult phase and anyone should deal with dignity keeping your kids in mind.

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