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For anyone who has a pending family case or a family law issue, talking to a lawyer is important. Under regular circumstances, Jacksonville Divorce […]

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Residency Requirement For Florida Divorce

What is the Residency Requirement for Filing for Divorce in Florida? Florida requires that one of the parties must have been a resident of […]

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Dividing Assets and Debt During a Divorce in Florida

Splitting Assets and Debts by a Florida Court – What is “Equitable”? Florida law provides for equitable distribution of the marital assets and marital […]

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Link Roundup: Married Texting Advice, Friendship, Kindergarten, & a Vaccine for Depression?

Family Law encompasses a wide array of emotional, physical, and psychological factors. We have collected four stories posts that our clients and colleagues might […]

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4 Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

THE 4 MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT DIVORCE MEDIATION Divorce Mediation is the most sensible approach to settling disputes; it is even when people are […]

4 Tips on Texting with Your Ex During Divorce

4 Tips to Follow When Texting Your Ex During a Divorce

Texting your Ex During a Divorce: Tips to Follow For couples who have tried to work out their relationship, but have decided that a […]