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IRS Garnish Wages with IWO document for child support

How Can I Force My Ex To Pay Child Support Payments?

Using Income Withholding Orders to Secure Child Support and Alimony Payments in Florida   You may be tired of receiving child support or alimony […]

Changes Coming to Florida Alimony?

New Bill Could Change Florida Alimony Alimony reform is again on the Governor’s desk in Florida. The bill made it out of the legislature […]

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Mandatory Disclosure Rule in Florida

What is Mandatory Disclosure and How Does it Affect Divorce in Florida? Divorces can be very rough, and with Florida’s Mandatory (Financial) Disclosure rule, […]

Child Support Tax Information in Florida

Which Parent Pays Taxes on Child Support?

Child Support Taxes and Child Tax Credit When children are involved in a divorce or when the parents were never married in the first […]

Taxes After Divorce blog post

Tips for Filing Taxes After Divorce

What You Need to Know About Taxes After Divorce At this time of year, many people are getting ready to file their taxes and […]

Florida Petition for Relocation post

Florida Petition For Relocation

Florida Petition For Relocation Within Florida, when children are involved with a divorce, the idea is to ensure that the child is not going […]