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Zoom Divorce Consultation

For anyone who has a pending family case or a family law issue, talking to a lawyer is important. Under regular circumstances, Jacksonville Divorce Attorney Wendy Norman offers free, in-person consultations. Due to COVID-19, circumstances are anything but normal. Out of concern for the health of our clients and ourselves during these uncertain times, Norman Law now offers consultations and client conferences on Zoom.

By now, you have probably heard of Zoom, the online video conference tool. If you have not already used Zoom, you may have questions about how to use it for a consultation. Zoom is very easy to set up and use and it is secure, meaning attorney-client confidentiality is ensured during the consultation.


Zoom call with attorney

To use Zoom, first you need to download the Zoom app. The app is free and can be used with any device (including a smartphone or laptop) that is equipped with a camera. Once you have the app, you can launch it and be ready to join a meeting.
For your conference with Norman Law, we will email you a meeting invitation. To join the meeting, you simply click on the link in the email invitation labeled “Join Zoom Meeting.” When you click on the link, you will be prompted to either download or launch Zoom. Since you have already downloaded the app, just click on “open” Lastly, you will be given options to turn off the video or audio; please do not select either of these. Instead, click “Join.”


Zoom has some features that may be helpful in your consultation.

The bar at the bottom of the Zoom screen has several control buttons. At the far-left is the “Mute” button. The Zoom mute button allows you to mute/unmute your microphone with just a click. When your microphone is muted, the microphone icon has a red line through it.

Zoom also allows you to share photos, documents, and other information from your computer/device during a meeting, such as a pleading that has been served on you. You can do so by using the “Chat” or the “Share Screen” button on the bottom bar.


We are confident that Zoom meetings are secure. This ensures that all communications are confidential and attorney-client privilege remains protected.

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