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Vacation Tips for Single Parents

Tips for Vacationing as a SIngle Parent

Vacationing for the First Time as a Single Parent

Once your divorce is final, you are no longer part of a couple and are now a single parent. This will bring about a lot of changes in your life, and you are going to notice some of these changes dramatically when you take your child or children on your first vacation as a single parent. It can be overwhelming when taking your first vacation as a single parent, but it is very doable and also allows you to have more one-on-one time with your children. The key to having a great vacation is to be organized and you will be able to relax and make it a great family vacation for all of you.

Get the Kids Involved With Vacation Plans

One of the main things that can make a vacation harder after a divorce is that it is painfully obvious to the children that they no longer have their parents together. This can make kids act out which in turn can make a vacation seem more like a nightmare. So what can you do? Involve the kids in the vacation as much as possible. You want them to feel as though they are an important part of the vacation, and this can help them cope better with the fact that their parents are no longer together.

Here are some ideas to help kids get involved with vacation plans:

• Let the kids help with navigation, whether this means letting one child be in charge of the navigator or letting one child look at the map
• Plan the route that you are taking together so that the kids feel like this is more than just a vacation that you have planned for them
• Allow the kids to help decide where you are stopping to eat, which will help them remember this vacation as one in which they played a big part
• Listen to the ideas the kids have about where they want to go and what they want to do. If they feel as though this is their vacation as well as yours, they are going to be happier in the long run

Acknowledge you are a Single Parent

It is not good to go into this vacation without acknowledging that you are a single parent now, so things are going to change. This is a new experience for you and for your children. While you are getting the kids involved to help them feel more comfortable with your vacation, also take the time to realize that the vacation is going to be different for you as well. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

• You are going to be handling all the adult decisions from this point forward
• Make your vacation something that is not high stress, as you have enough stress to deal with as it is
• Reach out to other single parents for some advice and help if you feel as though this situation is getting out of hand

Getting a divorce and then parenting your children on your own is an adjustment. However, it is one which you can get through easier by involving the kids. It will take time, but in the end you will find that being single and happy with your children is much better for all of you than struggling and being unhappy in a marriage that is not working.

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Yikes! How frightening for you. For a long time, I lived by myself and infant son while my husband was waiting for his visa. Choking to death was one of my biggest fear.I’m glad you got a new doctor and hope the situation is under control.

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