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September Link Roundup – Gray Divorce in Florida

Florida Divorce Rates rising for elderly

What is Gray Divorce?

It’s no secret to Florida residents that our state has the highest population of residents over 65. With such a large percentage of our community at or beyond the age of retirement, the growing trend towards ‘Gray Divorce’ is affecting millennials writes Mary W. Quigley, in a recent AARP article. The post cites marriages ‘coming to an end’ rather than failing. One important issue brought up is the difficulty children have remaining neutral. There are some helpful links throughout the article including What Nobody Tells You About Being the Child of Divorce. We would second the notion that healthy boundaries and open communication are key to moving forward.

A How-To Guide To Surviving Infidelity

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Susan Heitler put together a list of 22 Ways Couples Can Survive Infidelity. It’s a great resource for opening lines of communication with a spouse. These steps are positive no matter the outcome of the discussion regarding infidelity. It’s a touchy subject, of course, but the list contains specifics and nuances beyond the typical “Do It Yourself” marriage/communication guides found in most articles. It’s rational and detailed enough to be of use for hurtful moments other than infidelity as well.

Is The 5 Second Rule Really a Thing?

Out final article on our link roundup ends on a lighter note. Many of us remember a sibling or school buddy teaching us the 5 Second Rule. Drop that Pop-Tart on the floor? No problem, just pick it up right away and off to the school bus you go! A study by Ashton University in the UK proves the five second rule is real. The study suggests that “time is a significant factor” in the transfer of bacteria. One interesting note is that carpet is less likely to transfer to food that is dropped and consumed in a short period of time As Professor Anthony Hilton states: “We have found evidence that transfer from indoor flooring surfaces is incredibly poor with carpet actually posing the lowest risk of bacterial transfer onto dropped food.” So go ahead and pickup that popcorn or pretzel you drop during your next Netflix binge, just do it quickly.

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